Our Services

Commercial Buildings

At Odor Agent we help you create a healthy and clean environment for those who work in your building or are visiting. Using a detail-oriented approach we focus on surfaces that people come into contact with the most, including desks, chairs, elevators, and door handles. Additionally, using our fogger machine we are able to cover large areas such as lobbies, staircases, and cafeterias. When you use the Odor Agent team to disinfect and sanitize your commercial building you are choosing to keep your environment healthy and virus-free!

Healthcare Environments

We understand that keeping doctor's offices, hospitals and other healthcare environments disinfected is important for the safety of staff and patients, which is why we provide the utmost care and attention to disinfecting these spaces. By focusing on important areas such as waiting rooms and with the use of our high-quality fogger machine combined with an EPA Registered disinfectant, we are able to maintain a healthier environment for your healthcare facility.

Restaurants & Bars

At Odor Agent we understand it is essential that restaurants and bars maintain a sanitized and disinfected environment in order to avoid closing. We will take the time necessary to ensure your space is completely cleaned and disinfected. Using our fogger machines we can effectively and efficiently sanitize chairs, tables, and floors in your restaurant or bar keeping your patrons safe and healthy.

Educational Environments

Whether a college campus, high school, elementary, or daycare, it is important that educational environments remain disinfected for students to return to a physical classroom. At Odor Agent, we can deeply sanitize your entire campus to ensure your students and staff are safe and healthy. We focus on areas where most bacteria and germs are lurking such as classrooms, gyms, and lockers. Our fogger machine will also cover a large surface area with our EPA Registered disinfectant.

Hotels & Lodging

Hotels can become riddled with bacteria and germs if not properly disinfected and, particularly now, cleaning needs to meet new more strict standards of cleanliness. At Odor Agent, we have the capabilities and expertise to maintain a disinfected and sanitized environment for your hotel guests. Using our team of experts, we can disinfect hotel rooms, hotel lobbies, elevators and more!